Worried about team! Fred Ferguson appears to watch Man United practice often

19 May

Fred midfielder Manchester United states today, Sir Alex Ferguson often comes to see the team's practice often. Plus to the point of being able to find a player in the dressing room While saying that it is a great honor To meet with people in FergusonThe Brazilian midfielder Fred of Manchester United, the leading club of the English Premier League, revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary Scott manager. Often come to see the team practice oftenAfter leaving the team in 2013, Ferguson immediately took over the management position with the ambassador of Manchester United, which he often caught seeing to watch the game of Manchester United to the edge of the field. And there are often rumors that he used to watch the team practiceFred told the Brazilian media that "It is a great honor to meet this Sir He is one of the people who has revolutionized football. Everything about Alex Ferguson and this place is really great. He is the one that Solcha has played for, so he always comes to the training center to watch the team practice. Including coming to the field Sometimes he even entered the dressing room to greet us. Damn, it's a great feeling. To meet people at his level And held hands with him He is in the history of Manchester United. I am confident that he is the greatest coach in the history of football. He is an idol of everyone in football. Not just mine alone And I am very happy Which is honored to meet people like him Including other legends of the club, I am very grateful. "

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